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Introducing Aura Talent

Enovation has been helping organizations with learning and development for almost twenty years. During that time we have worked with organisations to roll out amazing and innovative learning strategies and solutions. We recognise the importance of people within the organisation to build value and the need to invest in intellectual capital to create and maintain a competitive advantage. Invest in your people – invest in your business. 

But how do we ensure people are learning and developing in the right ways for our business? How do we empower employees to make informed decisions to ensure they stay relevant to the business and succeed but also align this with their individual interests, passions, talents and needs? 

Aura Talent sits in the middle of learning, organization strategy and employee ambition. Aura cuts the noise from learning and development helping employees create their playlist for their success, one that is in harmony with the organisation’s strategy. Aura does this by learning about the employee. Understanding their skills, competencies, goals and ambitions and matching this to the needs of the organisation. Aura also helps orchestrate all activities in the organisation so that all employees are engaged with the organisation’s objectives and strategy.

For the employee: Aura helps them see where they can and do add value. It also helps them understand where further opportunities exist in the organisation and help them map out how to realise their ambition. Aura also allows the employee to objectively and transparently review how they are performing and where improvements need to be made. 

For the organisation: Aura provides clear timely insights on skills. The skills the organization has, the skills the organization needs and the skills the organization will need in the future. It also helps to identify important people trends within the organization, identify HiPos and even employees at risk of leaving the business and the potential impact on the business. Real-time information on skills and learning helps the business make better HR decisions based on data and supports the business in a strategic way.

Aura – developing people, growing businesses. Register today for a demonstration of the platform.  

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