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5 LMS Myths that could be holding you back

Myth 1: LMS’s are difficult to set up,  to operate and to manage.

Previously, a business would have to pay someone to develop training tools that would need to be rolled out in an extensive and costly project schedule. This was both a lengthy and expensive process with little guarantee that it would be effective or continue to upskill.  


Fact: As organisations continue to become more flexible and the workforce becomes more competitive and eager to develop their skills, having access to learning management systems like Moodle and Totara Learn that are user-friendly, easily accessible and very easy to set up and manage are hugely beneficial. Totara Learn is an open source feature Enterprise LMS which eradicates the fears of previous L&D processes. Totara Learn is a deep feature set LMS that brings all the benefits of open-source to businesses which significantly reduces the cost of learning and training management. 


Myth 2: Only Niche Groups or Upper Management will benefit from this LMS 

Fact: Learning can benefit everyone. Current features and improvements to the most basic on LMS’ give us more tools to build engaging and effective courses. Instructors can teach trainees using different methods and mediums, all within the LMS. Totara Learn allows you to build competency-based learning and performance frameworks. With Totara Learn, you can create multiple competency frameworks, with or without hierarchies and map competencies to positions, organisations, and courses. Courses can be tailored for all levels and positions within the workplace from management to entry-level positions.


Myth 3: An LMS is solely used to deliver and manage eLearning courses 

Fact: Many LMS provide ways to connect to other services. This allows the learners to create an all-in-one hub with extra facilities to fulfill their training needs.

With Totara Learn you have the ability to customise your LMS to deliver the training that you need.

Totara Learn enables you to deliver online learning course but it also enables you to deliver training, manages performance and to deliver feedback on employee progression seamlessly.


Myth 4: LMS’ are costly with little to no Return on Investment 


Fact:  An LMS isn’t just another expense. It is an investment worth making. You can save money and generate revenue in several ways through the utilisation of the correct LMS for your enterprise needs. The first and often most important is through more efficient use of employee time through efficient and cost-effective training delivery. 


Myth 5: Learner engagement is poor through eLearning modules as there is no instructor presence. 

Training isn’t always exciting for the learner. Some managers assume that if an instructor isn’t present, then the class will disengage. 


Fact: eLearning addresses these concerns with features like interactive videos. Learner engagement is a measurement of the quantity and quality of participation. Research has shown that today’s learners are motivated to earn points and badges for completion and high scores on tests. Interactive videos incorporate questions at key points, ensuring that the viewer is still paying attention and understanding the content. The eLearning industry has found many ways to grab and keep the trainee’s interest.

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