What We Solve

From onboarding to talent management, we can solve all of your digital learning needs.


We will help you stay on top of compliance rules. All of our LMSs offer a range of tools for compliance training, management and reporting to help keep your organisation safe, secure and compliant.

Our platforms include real-time dashboards to maintain a clear and accurate audit trail.
Compliance training does not have to be boring - our solutions offer an intuitive interface to make compliance training an easy and enjoyable experience for all employees.
Steer clear of manual work and human errors with automated workflows to manage enrollments, notifications, course access and certificate delivery.


Providing an effective and memorable onboarding programme sets employees up for success from day one. Our LMSs help you bring new hires up to speed faster and fuel their confidence.

Take control of each learner’s personal experience by creating personalised learning paths based on individual needs.
Comprehensive analytics allow you to track every step in the onboarding process and get relevant insights to stay on top of everything.
Give new hires the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere - on any desktop, laptop or mobile device, even offline.

Learning and Development

The need for reskilling and upskilling employees is crucial to keep up with the pace of change. Enovation helps you choose the solution that is right for you to accelerate skills building.

Quickly scale up your learning programmes and reach learners whenever and wherever needed.
Upskill and engage your people with powerful blended learning, collaboration and real-world exercises.
Extend your training and development beyond staff to include partners and customers and improve customer service and overall engagement.
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We’re here to help

L&D plays a critical role in many aspects of modern organisations. Whether you need solutions for onboarding, development or compliance, we can advise you on the right platform and approach. We can also align your talent and performance needs with the latest HR best practices.

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Learner and Employee Engagement

Meeting the wants and needs of your people has never been more challenging. That’s why our collaborative and social learning platforms act as a connecting hub and the go-to destination for learning content, dedicated workspaces and peer-to-peer interactions.

Quickly source, create or curate knowledge from subject matter experts in the form of articles, blogs, photos, podcasts and even videos to develop personalised learning paths.
Create a community of collaboration that connects your entire organisation through peer-to-peer interactions like ratings, comments, surveys and content recommendations.
Our Learning Experience Platform natively comes with collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams to encourage collaboration and working together.

Talent Management

If you want to support your employees’ career development, boost internal mobility, bring in a more diverse workforce and find successors, you’re in the right place! We make talent management easy by capitalising on internal skills, revealing hidden talent and matching the right people to the right job.

With learning recommendations and coaching, your employees get the clarity and focus they need to align their development goals with their professional ambitions and the organisation’s growth strategy.
Increase your retention and engagement rates by matching people to opportunities and helping your employees build their career on their own terms.
Make confident talent decisions based on the qualifications, skills and potential of each candidate. By creating candidate-role fit scores, our tool, Aura Talent, does not let any unconscious bias get in the way of your hiring process.

Performance Management

Traditional annual performance reviews can be awkward both for HR and your employees. By ditching the traditional annual performance review in favour of more frequent and meaningful feedback, you will contribute to creating engaged and high-performing teams.

Performance reviews, goals, 1:1s and feedback are all essential to business, but traditional document-based reviews or spreadsheets won’t tell you the full story. So say goodbye to traditional paper-based performance management methods and hello to digital performance management in the Flow of Work!
Setting effective employee goals can help keep employees engaged in the work they do. Our approach allows managers to set and record monthly goals to help employees manage and complete critical deliverables.
With Aura Perform, we’ve made it easier for HR leaders, managers and employees to set, track and align goals. Our analytics engine gives actionable insights based on the data it collects.

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