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Product Overview

Introducing the Aura Learning Portal

The Aura Learning Portal is the next-generation platform created specifically for today’s complex learning requirements among busy professionals. Deliver a modern, differentiated experience for your members, partners and associates.

Our Learning Portals are designed with continuous learning and collaboration in mind. They can curate and disseminate disparate information sources in an engaging way, underpinned by actionable insights and reporting. Empower your users to search seamlessly across multiple content libraries and create Communities of Practice with granular access controls.

Compared to traditional learning management systems, the Aura Learning Portal has a less linear, directive approach and instead emphasize an effective locus of learning that curates, coordinates and engages learners.

The Five Pillars

The Aura Learning Portal offers 5 key pillars to create member portals that deliver services any association requires to attract, retain and delight members.

Content Sources
Community & Collaboration
Analytics & Reporting

Unlock the individual and combined potential of your organisation

Learning should be about providing engaging, relevant content and all the ways to support a learner’s individual and collaborative journeys. Delivering the right content to the right people at the right time is now the goal. Unlocking the potential of true collaboration promises new opportunities for membership associations to not just serve their members but empower them to succeed. The Aura Learning Portal is the future of learning – talk to us now to see how we can help your association harness your members’ true potential.

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Frequently asked questions

Learning Portals include all of the standard LMS feature sets and, yet, compared to traditional learning management systems, they have a less linear, directive approach and instead emphasise an effective focus of learning that curates, coordinates and engages learners.

A Learning Portal is by nature more flexible than an LXP as it can be tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. Learning Portals are also designed with continuous learning and collaboration in mind to attract and engage learners.

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