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The Moodle App!

The world’s most trusted LMS in the palm of your hand.

The world’s most trusted LMS is now available as a Mobile App and provides educators, instructors and learners seamless teaching and learning experience whether in a remote area with poor access to the internet or on a commute.

From accessing offline learning materials, submitting quizzes and assignments, connecting with students or educators, obtaining grades to receiving push notifications, Moodle App provides users intuitive and fast functionality of Moodle’s world-famous open-source LMS.

A plan for all your needs
Our Moodle app plans range from free, pro and premium to our ultimate branded Moodle App solution. Each delivers different levels of functionality for a variety of uses and budgets. Choose the plan that’s best for you and keep your team of educators and learners productive and connected.

-Create the flexibility of offline learning:
When offline, learners can still access content through the app and keep learning. That’s handy during commutes or when living or working in remote areas where the network might be unstable (except for the internal company app).

-Engage users with push notifications:
Keep learners engaged and motivated by sending tailored messages at the right time, so they don’t miss anything and continue to progress through their learning. Save time and remove complexity by automating notifications.

-Improve visibility:
Get better engagement by having Moodle App visible on learners mobile phones. It’s simpler and more accessible than navigating through a browser, logging into courses.

-Create seamless learning experiences:
Exclusive to our Premium Moodle App*, our automatic login via QR code and Site Finder enable your learners to switch effortlessly from desktop to mobile learning.

*Free for sites hosted by a Certified Moodle Partner or MoodleCloud

Choose the right Moodle App Plan for your organisation. There are a number of different plans that you can choose from. Get in touch with us today: [email protected]

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