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Moodle Workplace, the best of Moodle fine-tuned for corporate learning

It is with excitement that we welcome Moodle Workplace, the new learning solution for staff training and development. As a Premium Moodle Partner, we have been closely involved during the design and development phase of the newly launched product.

Based on Moodle – the World’s most popular LMS – it is aimed at the corporate market and aims to empower learning and development teams through added functionality that reflects your organisational structure to provide better targeted training and personal development learning plans.

With a strong custom reporting capability and streamlined look and feel, Moodle Workplace will appeal to many organisations who may want to upgrade from their current Moodle implementation or migrate from more expensive and less flexible proprietary offerings.

We tried to answer a few common questions about Moodle Workplace:

Why do I need Moodle Workplace?
If you have organisational learning and development programs in your organisation and you want a full functionality learning management system (LMS) based on the most-used LMS in the world (Moodle) but fine-tuned for organisational learning, Moodle Workplace may be ideal for you.

When can I get Moodle Workplace for my organisation?
You can start working with Moodle Partners who are involved with the development and get your Moodle Workplace from mid 2019. Moodle Workplace will become available from other Moodle Partners from Q3 2019. Contact us for more information.

Is Moodle Workplace open source?
Moodle Workplace is not being distributed in the same way as Moodle core. For now, Moodle Workplace is only available via selected Moodle Partners, so that we can ensure a high quality experience with Moodle Workplace.

How much is Moodle Workplace?
Moodle Workplace will be priced depending on what level of hosting and other services that you require. For details please contact us.

I am already using Moodle in my company, how can I move to Moodle Workplace?
An upgrade to Moodle Workplace from a standard Moodle site is easy. You can also use standard import and export functionality to move courses and content from your existing Moodle Site into Moodle Workplace.

Will Moodle Workplace functionality become available in Moodle Core?
Following testing and validation by Moodle HQ and Moodle Partners, Moodle Workplace features and functionality may be gradually integrated into Moodle Core. The priority and timing will be determined through a collaborative approach with Moodle Partners and the Moodle Community.

If you’d like to register your interest in Moodle Workplace or see if this product would be a good fit for your business, please feel free to get in touch with us.


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