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Totara Learn Delivers Health & Safety Compliance in the Engineering Sector.

Mercury Engineering is a leading international player in the engineering industry. The company has a large workforce in over 10 countries delivering projects across industry sectors and specialising in Hyper-scale & Enterprise data centres, Healthcare, Life sciences and semiconductor fabrication, Fire protection and Building services.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Mercury delivers complex engineering projects across Europe. The company’s greatest asset is its people, and an overriding goal of the business is to provide a safe working environment for their entire workforce.


Mercury Engineering

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  • Mercury Engineering struggled with an outdated, non scalable learning platform
  • The previous LMS did not have the capability to manage all skill and certification recordings
  • The overhead in ensuring all workers are adequately trained required a new solution


  • Totara Learn is a flexible and scalable LMS that helps manage compliance and certifications
  • Pro-active management of the certifications process
  • Wider adoption of online training practice in the business


Mercury engaged Enovation in April 2016 to replace their existing e-learning system with a robustly managed and feature rich e-learning platform capable of optimising the certifications management process and to grow with the business – Totara Learn. The goals of the implementation for the business were to enable the:

  • Pro-active management of the certifications process so that:
    • Employees stay certified for the skills they require to perform their role
    • EHS officers are notified of upcoming certification expiries and can monitor overall compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Wider adoption of online training practice in the business to:
    • Reduce the costs of attended training and the associated administration
    • Increase accessibility to the workforce
    • Aid the business to respond faster in addressing upskilling requirements
  • Creation of a single system of record for all training conducted in and for the business


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In September 2016 the new learning platform was piloted on a small project group before final review and rollout to all project groups in the business. Important operational and usability elements of the solution include:

  • Immediate view of required learning for employees on log in
  • Certifications completed, due and overdue are highlighted.
  • All records of training are available for reference by workers and management
  • Course activities are presented in an easy-to-use layout which prompts users to complete the training material and assessment in sequence and before they can retrieve their certificate

Administrators and managers can run course completion reports across groups, departments and divisions.


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Enovation’s implementation of Totara Learn has met all of Mercury’s goals for the solution and more.

The administration overhead involved in managing the certifications process has been significantly reduced while still ensuring adherence to all regulatory compliance training requirements. Mercury also see how, with further modification to internal processes, the administration effort can be reduced to the absolute minimum. With the rapid growth in the business, Mercury have chosen to integrate key business systems with their Totara Learn implementation – in itself an endorsement of what the solution is providing.

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