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AI Executive Workshops:

There’s no denying that AI is the most consequential new technology to emerge in decades. We can already see that it is going to have profound, wide-ranging impacts – especially in e-learning. It is imperative that organisations and institutions develop a responsible plan to harness the potential of this technology, whilst minimising risks- we have you covered!

Introducing Executive AI Workshops:

To help you figure out how to respond to this emerging challenge, we’ve designed a unique executive workshop to help you create a strategic plan, tailored to your needs.This half-day workshop is intended for senior decision makers and can accommodate up to 5 attendees per session. We’ll give you a pragmatic overview of this rapidly evolving space, demonstrate some of the newest e-learning tools and outline the key points you need to consider to get ahead of this urgent topic.

Places are limited, get in touch to book your team an exclusive session now.

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