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Manage multiple learning environments from a single installation with Moodle Workplace 3.9.2

The latest version of Moodle’s corporate LMS takes multi-tenancy one step further with the new shared space, shared programs and shared certifications.
Moodle Workplace is our learning management system designed to create collaborative learning experiences and share knowledge in organisations and companies. Designed for the corporate space, our solution provides key benefits including multi-tenancy, which enables you to manage different learning environments -for example, for your departments, divisions or clients- centrally, from one single installation.

The new Moodle Workplace 3.9.2 comes with exciting multi-tenancy improvements to maximise your resources and admin time.

What’s new in Moodle Workplace 3.9.2?

  • A new Shared Space enables you to create Shared Programs and Shared Certifications to use across tenants, and will enable you to share much more in our next release.
  • Enhanced migration processes to export and import site content step-by-step within and between tenants, that now includes Users, Cohorts and Course Categories. Plus, a new tenant migration to export and import tenants as a whole, between Workplace sites.
  • Improved learner experience: our new Learning tab enables your users to see all their Courses and Programs in one place on their Dashboard as soon as they log in to their site, including a collapsed view to get an overview of all their learning.
  • A new Course Certificate activity module to create and customise certificates at course level and have them issued automatically to learners once the activity is available to them. Plus, you can add a QR code to all your certificates that enables anyone who scans it to verify their validity. We’ve released the Course Certificate as two plugins for the Moodle LMS as part of our commitment to improving our open source learning platform: the Certificate Manager plugin and the Course certificate plugin.

If you want to find out more details and technical specs about the latest Moodle Workplace release, please contact us today!


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