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Hybrid Work: Performance Appraisal

Managers say that some of the challenges of remote and hybrid work are related to performance management. According to PeopleMattersGlobal, the inconsistency in measuring performance management that existed before COVID-19 has only been amplified, and in a majority of the cases, the widening gap can be attributed to discrepancies in leadership styles and culture around what performance is and how it needs to be measured.

For years we have been part of the conversations around measuring performance and how vital it is for a thriving organisation to have an effective performance appraisal system in place.  As we all know every organisation has its own goals and benchmarks that need to be met and every team member should be privy to those goals and what their role is in contributing to these expectations. Understandably, many organisations spent a large part of 2020 moving from the office to remove or hybrid work, we have heard countless times that often performance reviews were put on the back burner and they are feeling the effects of this. Many employees have invested heavily in helping speed up and transition traditional processes both during and post covid in return it is vital that employees are getting the appraisal and guidance that they need in order to succeed.

Organisations need to be smart and prepare for a change in work culture.  As mentioned, some of the most important challenges of remote and hybrid working are related to performance management and while many employers have adopted flexible working hours and hybrid work schemes, this flexibility needs to be reflected in their training, performance management and appraisal structure. Now more than ever, future-proofing the workforce should be priority number one. Enovation created Aura Talent with the Hybrid worker in mind. A game-changing talent and performance management platform that helps companies build an agile and future-proofed workforce.

Helping you build skills & Prepare for the future:

Your workforce is a key enabler of your business strategy. Enovation has designed and built Aura Talent to help managers ensure their employees are highly motivated and engaged to deliver results, but also to evolve and develop new skills in line with the organisation’s working structure and strategic vision. Based on the OCD framework which focuses on the implementation of the following key components – Objectives, Competencies and Development – Aura creates a weightless approach to the management of your employee’s performance, allowing them to take the reins of their personal development and career. A process of regular check-ins called Must-Dos Should Dos and Could Dos provides the organisation with real-time performance results by automating the end of the year appraisal process and reporting.  Discover how Aura Talent will facilitate your hybrid workforce request a demo today. 

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