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Moodle LMS & Totara Learn: What is the best option for you?

So, you’ve decided that you need an LMS, you’ve done the research and the two best candidates are Totara Learn and Moodle, but you don’t know which is the best option for you. In this post, we will break down the benefits of both so that you can make the best-informed decision for your organisation.

Totara Learn is an enterprise LMS that enables large organisations to scale, adapt and connect learning to performance and collaboration with an LXP and performance management system. Moodle, on the other hand, is the go-to LMS for academic organisations and educators.

No LMS is 100% perfect. But based on your organisation’s size, sector and structure, some are able to meet your unique needs better than others. So before diving into the in-depth comparisons, here’s a short summary of Totara Learn and Moodle:

Totara Learn LMS:

Trusted by millions of learners worldwide, Totara Learn is a transformational, cost-effective learning management system (LMS) that replaces the limitations of the traditional LMS with an adaptable and extendable solution to meet your specific learning needs. Totara Learn supports offline and online learning events and centrally curated blended learning to help you engage your employees.

Best for: Large or growing healthcare, government, federal and enterprise organisations looking for a scalable and flexible learning platform that adapts to their every need.

 Customisable with enterprise-level features like hierarchies, multitenancy and detailed LMS reporting. Offers strong community support, and the opportunity to access “switch-on” integrations with the Totara Talent Experience Platform —an all-in-one talent engagement suite that integrates Totara Engage, Totara’s Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and Totara Perform, Totara’s performance management system. Partners can also use Totara’s flexible architecture to build a configuration that is out of the box and quick to deploy, but also able to be changed and deeply customised in the future.

Development experience and resources are needed to fully implement, integrate and customise Totara Learn. This makes it challenging for smaller organisations – especially those without a dedicated L&D department – to utilize the platform to its fullest.

Totara provides support in the form of dedicated Partners like Enovation, documentation on the Totara Help site, and the Totara Community and Academy (which offers step-by-step training content and allows you to experience Totara Learn’s features within sandbox-like environments).

Moodle LMS:

With over 100 million registered users worldwide, Moodle is the leading open-source learning management system. Highly flexible and feature-rich, Moodle is a user-friendly LMS that enables universities, businesses, not-for-profit and public sector organisations to deliver their online courses with ease and to achieve their training objectives. Moodle is a powerful, flexible and robust learning platform. Recently, Moodle has undergone a significant redesign and now boasts an engaging user experience complete with a new powerful Mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Best for: Schools, universities, and educational companies with smaller teams and budgets and access to learning and development resources.

Free, open-source LMS that is highly configurable with strong in-built features, tools and integrations for academic organisations. Moodle partners and the Moodle community act as the primary support method.

Implementation requires some development experience and resources to set up and configure.

Want to find out more?

Whatever stage of the eLearning journey you are on, Enovation can help you to come to a decision that will serve your organisation for years to come. Few can offer the breadth of expertise across project management, technology, instructional design, content authoring and learning and development that our team can.  Choosing us as your Totara Learn or Moodle partner will ensure that your project is a success. Contact us today! 

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