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Moodle 2.9 Now Available

May 11, 2015 In: Blog, Moodle Written by: Master Editor

It gives us great pleasure to officially announce the release of Moodle 2.9. A simple & friendlier version of Moodle. Moodle 2.9 features a user-friendly redesign of the user-interface for the benefit of teachers, students and new Moodle users to create engaging learning environments. With improvements to the functionality, UI, course editing and lessons, this release is our best to date. Familiar features are reintroduced with updated titles for the common simplicity of users such as the new Dashboard, preferences, easier access to grades and the introduction of more initiative functions such as the image drag and drop. Discover all the new features within Moodle 2.9 here.

The full list of 2.9 changes and updates is available here: http://goo.gl/ErdFEX

Security and user authenticity

MDL-47803: all users browser sessions available on a single page for viewing

MDL-47800: logs user out at password change

MDL-47829: limit concurrent sessions for users

MDL-47830: limit password rotation/reuse


MDL-10405: ability to delete (not just orphan) topic sections

MDL-46755: allows teachers to set the number of discussions set in a social format course

MDL-47501: show if a grade has been overridden (without having to edit it)

MDL-43387: provides an html editor to editing essays in a lesson

MDL-43996: add image drag and drop capability to the editing window

MDL-48715: add “time spent” as a custom completion rule for Lesson module


MDL-348: printer friendly layout for quiz

MDL-40990: creates the ability to force the order in which questions are asked in a quiz