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Increase efficiencies and reduce costs with screencasting

July 13, 2015 In: Blog Written by: Master Editor

We at Enovation have recently completed a content development project with a leading software company in Cork, I will provide you with a link to this case study later in this post.

As computer technology continues to evolve and advance in the workplace, keeping your employees trained on all of your technology systems can be expensive and unforgiving if you don’t! Having spent many years as a systems trainer for a good number of global ERP and IT implementations, I can tell you now that providing video demonstrations/ screencasts of task specific functions will greatly increase efficiencies within your organisation, reduce support requests and save moneyon hiring expensive training consultants to run multiple training sessions.

If you have ever heard the expression that a picture is worth a thousand words, a screencast is worth twenty times that! Rather than spending hours building instructional manuals full of screenshots and carefully scripted instructions, you can show a user in real time how to use your product. In fact, visual learners will get more from a two-minute screencast than they will from hours of reading!

Ideally, new software should be intuitive enough that employees can start using it immediately. However, this is not always the case and employees tend to develop their own way of performing tasks and breaking these habits to encourage use of the software correctly can be difficult. Screencasting allows them to learn by example, seeing for instance a step-by-step sequence in great detail or viewing a screencast video directly related to a task. The ability to pause or review content also gives employees the option to move at their own pace, which is not always feasible in the classroom.

As briefly mentioned at the start of this article, Enovation recently completed a eLearning project for a software company in Cork. As well as providing a learning portal with custom reporting functionality, we worked with our client in developing in excess of 550 bite sized screencasts of their software for their forward facing clients.

Please click here to view this case study in detail.

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