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Enovation Shines at AC Forum in Hamburg

Author: Terry Fannon

A Thrilling Experience of Innovation and Networking:

This year, Enovation had the privilege of being an exhibitor at the AC Forum in Hamburg, an event that brought together over 120 representatives from international associations and congress organisers. The atmosphere was nothing short of electrifying from the moment we set foot in the venue.

As an exhibitor, we seized the opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge Learning Portal solution tailored for membership associations. The platform garnered significant attention, and we had the pleasure of connecting with a remarkable group of professionals from across Europe. Their diverse perspectives and experiences in member education proved invaluable, providing fresh insights and inspiring ideas that will shape the future of our solution.

Reconnecting with existing clients was a highlight, offering a chance to catch up with familiar faces and learn about the progress of their organisations. The key takeaways from AC Forum were profound, associations are actively seeking trusted partners committed to ongoing innovation, understanding their business, and meeting the evolving needs of their members.

In addition to networking opportunities, attendees were treated to a series of informative sessions and workshops covering a range of topics, including AI, technology in associations, user experience design, and membership growth strategies. These sessions provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of the association sector.

Overall, our participation at the AC Forum was an enriching and rewarding experience. We gained valuable insights from our interactions with industry professionals, strengthened our existing partnerships, and solidified our commitment to providing innovative solutions that empower associations to achieve their goals.

You can find out more about the Aura Learning Portal showcased at AC Forum here or contact [email protected]

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