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EASL Campus: Your Open-access Knowledge Hub for Hepatology and Liver-related Disease

Enovation successfully launched a Moodle LMS for EASL in early 2019 to provide innovative learning to its members in pursuing excellence in liver research, clinical practice of liver disorders and in providing education to those interested in hepatology. While Moodle provided a flexible environment for EASL’S members to access their courses whenever and wherever it also presented a challenge. When Moodle was launched, it was another platform within the EASL ecosystem that delivered unrivalled learning and research opportunities. Members were having to go to multiple websites to access the information that they required.

After in-depth discussion and collaboration between Enovation and EASL, the concept of  Knowledge Hub was carefully crafted to provide a one-stop-shop for its members that housed all their learning resources in one central location.  This required integrations with additional learning systems to truly benefit its members and bring all the learning resources and programs they were using into one location.

Using two proven opensource solutions; Moodle (Learning Management System) and Drupal (Content Management System). Enovation worked with EASL to create a learning experience that is impactful, engaging and designed to draw learners in through targeted content that is based on their role. 

Unlike a contemporary LMS, Knowledge Hub enables EASL members to explore learning resources from various sources that are most relevant to their knowledge requirement no matter where it is located. Smart filtering using ‘and’ / ‘or’ conditions in the back-end will make discovery simple and quick for the end-user. EASL Campus now offers its members intelligent recommendations to third party research articles, learning programs, recorded webcasts of congresses and people who are experts in their field.

EASL Campus is mobile friendly and supports a range of content types including SCORM, video, PDF’s, PowerPoints and other resources.

EASL Campus allows its administrators to measure engagement with valuable insights on content usage trends to understand their impact and value to its members. Every user action is tracked, giving EASL the ability to refine their content and link learning activity to member’s needs.

EASl Campus has now transformed user engagement with self-directed learning and personalised recommendations based on user preferences and content that is been viewed the most.

To find out more about developing a Knowledge Hub for your business, contact one of our specialists today! 

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