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Corporate Learning Through Open Source – A Look at Totara LMS

October 10, 2015 In: Enovation News, Events Written by: Master Editor

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Totara is the open-source LMS for the Enterprise. Over the past three years Totara has been a disruptor in the Learning Management and Talent Management areas of L&D. Totara provides L&D with an alternative offering to the proprietary products on the market as it can be customised easily and there is no vendor lock-in.

This webinar will look at the most popular functionality available in Totara. Including:

  • Defining a competency profile for organisational roles, people and training resources.
  • Defining a flexible organisational structure.
  • Competency driven career planning and development.
  • Certification and programme management.
  • Easy integration with HR systems.
  • Assessing business unit performance.
  • Managing face-to-face learning events.
  • A fully customisable report builder tool.

Following on from this webinar you should:

  • Understand how Totara is being used successfully in the corporate sector
  • How competency frameworks can be used to drive L&D planning
  • How goals can be integrated into a learning program.
  • Understand what makes Totara a disruptor to the LMS market.

Bio on the Speaker:

Dr. Mark Melia is a Senior Consultant with Enovation Solutions. Mark works with L&D managers in the financial, retail and academic sectors to achieve their business goals using open source software. Mark leads an Enterprise Ireland sponsored R&D project at Enovation investigating ways to integrate competency-driven learning and development plans into the open-source Moodle and Totara LMS. He holds a PhD. From DCU in e-learning and software engineering and a BSc in Software Systems.