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5 Feb 2016 Written by: Master Editor

Enovation Solutions welcome Hickeys Pharmacies

Hickey’s Pharmacies was founded in 1995, when the Group’s Managing Director, Paddy Hickey, opened his first store in Northside Shopping Centre. Since then, the Hickey’s Pharmacies Group has grown, and has expanded its range of services in response to changing needs.  Today, the Group currently employs over 300 people in […]

2 Feb 2016 Written by: Mark Melia

e-Learning you won’t tyre of

Enovation’s client Bridgestone Europe has just announced an exciting new product, Driveguard. This is an innovative new tyre that allows you to drive safely even when you get a flat tyre! Enovation has been working with Bridgestone over the last number of months to create an e-learning experience that will […]

19 Jan 2016 Written by: Terry Fannon

eLearning outsourcing to meet internal demands

As more and more organisations are building eLearning internally, training departments and eLearning development teams often find it difficult to meet the growing demands for good eLearning courses, both inside and outside of the organisation. In our experience, it is not uncommon to witness project teams finding themselves stretched and […]

29 Dec 2015 Written by: Mark Melia

Synchronising your HRIS with Totara

Generally speaking, the corporate LMS does not operate in isolation. LMSs should be integrated into the wider HR IT infrastructure to maximize business process efficiencies. “HR Sync” is a feature in Totara that considers how to make integration with other HR systems easy and makes deploying to the enterprise a […]

24 Dec 2015 Written by: Master Editor

Happy Christmas from Enovation Solutions

From all of us at Enovation Solutions Happy Christmas and New Year to you and yours.  We’d like to thank for your continued support and look forward to working with you in 2016. Please note the days on which we are closed during the holiday period: 24th December (open until 2pm […]

4 Dec 2015 Written by: Mark Melia

key trends for L&D in 2016

With 2016 just around the corner its a good time to reflect on the key trends that are currently shaping our industry. In this post I will do just that, reflecting on the key L&D trends of 2015 and consider what this might mean going forward into 2016. Content, content […]

15 Nov 2015 Written by: Master Editor

PHP 5.5 vs PHP 7 performance comparison for Moodle 3.0

There is a lot of interesting things going on in the Moodle & PHP worlds recently – Moodle 3.0 has just been released and PHP 7 release is coming soon. Among other things, PHP 7 promises a great performance improvement over PHP 5.6 – PHP 7 is supposedly up to […]

27 Oct 2015 Written by: Master Editor

Creating SCORM Content for Moodle

In our previous post we discussed what SCORM is and how to add it to Moodle. Click here for a reminder. In this post we will look at some of the excellent proprietary and open-source tools that can be used to create SCORM compliant learning content. A large amount of the tools on […]

Moodle Partner Enovation Solutions Socrm
20 Oct 2015 Written by: Master Editor

SCORM and Moodle

In this post we will look at what the SCORM specification from ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning) is all about and how it relates to Moodle. The post will firstly look at SCORM and all its flavours, we will then look at how a SCORM package is put together and finally we […]

12 Oct 2015 Written by: Master Editor

Another successful project delivered by Enovation Solutions.

The National Maternity Hospital decided to adopt an eLearning approach to meet and exceed their regulatory compliance training requirement and to foster an innovative approach to professional training. As part of our work with them, Enovation Solutions helped develop a large number of their compliance courses for online delivery.The range […]