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Guest Blog: Totara’s Talent Experience Platform: Transform your Learning, Engagement and Performance

Guest Author:  Hassan Ud-deen, Content Writer at Totara Learn.

Successful organisations need a high-performing, skilled and engaged workforce to outwork, outsmart and outgrow competitors. This makes employee learning, engagement and performance management key in today’s fast-changing world. Unfortunately, most businesses treat these elements of the employee experience as individual challenges when ultimately, they are inextricably linked. This oversight causes many organisations to unknowingly underperform. (As delivering better training boosts engagement and performance. Equally, better performance management boosts engagement and motivates employees to upskill themselves.) But what if you could solve all these workforce performance challenges with a single, integrated platform that unties L&D and HR, in a technical and operational sense?

With The Totara Talent Experience Platform, you can!

Introducing the Totara talent experience platform

Uniting all the talent experience technology you need in one solution, Totara (the team behind the learning management system, Totara Learn) has recently released the Totara Talent Experience Platform.

It combines three powerful solutions for workplace learning, engagement, collaboration, and performance management. Together, these solutions help you build a workplace that’s prepared for today’s fast-changing world. These integrated solutions are:

  • Totara Learn –  the flexible LMS used by millions of learners and favoured by companies worldwide (such as  Samsung and Indeed) to transform workplace learning.
  • Totara Engage – the new Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that engages, unites and upskills your workforce. Totara Engage empowers employees to simplify complex knowledge sharing with collaborative workspaces, learning playlists, Microsoft Teams integration and more.
  • Totara Perform – the agile performance management system that empowers peak productivity and employee alignment for the modern organisation. Evidence-based performance reviews, 360 reviews, skills gap analysis and goal setting enable performance measurement and motivation.

The intuitive, integrated platform (that also integrates with your current HCM and L&D tech) empowers your organisation to manage and develop its workforce and unlock peak performance.

Why use the talent experience platform?

 When it comes to succeeding in today’s uncertain world, organisations can be split into two categories:

  • Those that have the ability to detect, adapt and profit from change.
  • Those that are slow to respond, and as a result, struggle to survive and adapt to marketplace changes.

The key difference between these two organisations?

Is change agility.

99% of business and HR leaders are currently working to develop this attribute, and there’s a powerfully simple reason why: organizations that are agile enough can adapt, pivot and compete at any given moment. Organisations that lack change agility, however, struggle to adapt and survive.

Fortune500 companies that are now extinct due to being unable to keep pace with technological advancements serve as a poignant example of this fact.

Fortunately, the Totara Talent Experience Platform gives your organisation all the employee-centric L&D and HR tech needed to tackle turbulent change and engage your people to perform at their best. Here’s how it benefits your organisation:

Cost-effectiveness and adaptability

Every organisation has unique processes, workflows, and styles of management. This inevitably means you’ll need customised – L&D or HR tech – solutions somewhere along the line. If you’re dealing with proprietary software, tailoring three different systems to become friendly with one another, or adapt to your business is extremely expensive. Even if you use open-source software, accurately communicating your unique needs to three different vendors can be a massive time-sink. Hence, an all-in-one adaptable solution, like the Totara Talent Experience Platform, is more cost-effective and advantageous for adaptability.

Technical efficiency

When you rely on isolated learning, engagement, collaboration and performance management systems, your organisation has three complicated, but necessary systems to manage. Naturally, this harms the productivity of IT and admin departments who are more likely to encounter technical issues and struggle to resolve them. Not only do admins have to master three distinct systems with their own quirks, but when issues do arise, your support team is forced to seek help from three different vendors. Can you imagine the hours (and distress) that would cost? The Talent Experience Platform ousts the need for a maze of complex, non-friendly systems. You enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using one intuitive platform from a single vendor, but the power of 3 three purpose-built L&D and HR systems.

Department-wide alignment

Imagine that your senior execs anticipate marketplace changes and tell your L&D team to design courses that provide your workforce with future-critical skills. They also instruct management to motivate employees to learn these new skills. A typical request, right? Sure, but if you’re working with non-integrating tech, there are two major issues here:

  • L&D isn’t technically or operationally connected to management, so they can’t connect employee ambitions to learning goals.
  • At the same time, management isn’t aware of what employees currently know, or how well certain learning programs work.

And this is just one example of how non-integrating tech exacerbates operational and department-wide siloes.

Fortunately, the Totara Talent Experience Platform helps reduce siloes. Your entire workforce is instantly more connected than ever; a single click lets you toggle between your learning, engagement/collaboration and performance management system. As a result, different, and even “distant” departments communicate and collaborate with ease and efficiency.

Ready to get started?


If you want to unite and enhance your learning, engagement and performance efforts under an integrated platform, contact us today or Book a Demo. We’ll help you enhance your L&D and HR tech ecosystem, and boost performance across the board with Totara’s Talent Experience Platform.

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