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Totara 18 Unleashed

Author: Monika Capik

In the fast-paced world of learning solutions, Totara 18 has emerged with important enhancements that build on its commitment to Talent Experience. From visual improvements to advanced features, Totara 18 introduces some important and sought after features for both learners and administrators. This blog will explore some exciting features that position Totara 18 as an excellent choice for enhancing usability, fostering talent development and providing actionable analytics. 

New Visual Improvements, MFA, and SAML2 Compatibility

Totara 18 kicks off with a fresh visual appeal, introducing a redesigned login page alongside Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and SAML2 compatibility. These enhancements not only enhance security but also contribute to a more modern and user-friendly login experience.

Pathway Course Format:

One of the standout features in Totara 18 is the Pathway course format. Departing from traditional formats, Pathway offers a streamlined user experience and a modern interface. Users progress through activities sequentially, gaining a clear sense of progression. Most importantly learners can see exactly where they are in a course using the pathway toggle functionality. This format is ideal for courses with multiple activities, where a linear learning path is preferred.

Clone a Programme

Totara 18 introduces significant visual improvements to program creation. Now, administrators can clone existing programs, copying details, course sets, and notifications. This streamlines the program creation process, allowing for the efficient use of existing programs as a foundation for new ones. This feature is a serious time-saver, eliminating the need to create every new program from scratch.

IntelliData Learning Analytics Integration

The integration of IntelliData, a robust learning analytics and reporting solution provided by Intelliboard, amplifies Totara 18’s data-driven capabilities. This platform empowers organizations with actionable insights into the effectiveness of their training programs. Leveraging powerful data visualization tools, IntelliData allows for informed decision-making based on the data captured by Totara.

Totara Goals : Totara Perform

Totara 18 introduces a dual-goal-setting system: Totara Goals and Legacy Goals. Totara Goals, specifically designed to align with performance review processes, can be seamlessly integrated with performance activities. This feature allows for the creation, review, and updating of goals within the flow of performance activities. Learners and their managers may set specific goals during checkins and those goals may be imported into performance appraisals in the future. A learner and manager will also be able to track changes in the progress of goals. This feature provides a more holistic approach to performance management and aligns more authentically to workflows in the talent space.  

From visual enhancements to the introduction of the Pathway course format, cloning programs, and integrating powerful analytics with IntelliData, Totara 18 equips organizations with the tools needed to craft engaging, effective, and data-driven learning experiences. At Enovation we are excited to introduce you to Totara 18 and are looking forward to utilising its enhancements to help your organisation reach its learning and development goals! 

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