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Client Support

The cornerstone of our service offering to our clients is support. Over and above general advisory services, the support required can be categorised as end-user, advanced user / admin and technical:

    • End User – Typically our clients will offer 1st level (helpdesk) support to users. Issues can be escalated from here to our support team using a web based issue reporting and tracking system. Our experience is that while the requirement for end-user support in the early days of an implementation might be high, this tends to reduce as the in-house capability grows.
    • Advanced User / Admin Support – This level is usually aimed at the internal client administration and course creators. It centers around advice on structuring, user management, formatting and backups.
    • Technical Support– End-user issues can be caused by a bug. Like any complex system our open source solutions are not 100% bug free. In cases where a bug is discovered we can:
      • Report the issue to the community and wait for a fix to be provided.
      • Fix the issue at cost to the client and release the fix back to the community for inclusion in later releases of the software.

Support Management

We operate a web tracking system for the management and tracking of support issues. As part of our implementation, we will show our client how to report issues and will provide logon credentials. We use this system to provide information regarding the drawdown of support so that we can report this back on a regular basis to our clients.

On-Site Support

Typically this involves supporting bespoke applications through the provision of an on-site support team. Enovation manages these resources to ensure KPIs are met and that all support staff are performing optimally, addressing training needs and team makeup as required. This service is provided on a very cost effective basis and often involves fixed price multi-annual contracts.
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