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Selecting the most appropriate Learning Management System (LMS) for your needs is a crucial part of ensuring your elearning strategy is set up  for success. Enovation has nearly two decades of experience advising organisations on the most appropriate LMS to underpin their L&D ambitions.

At Enovation, we have a unique combination of technical expertise and an understanding of elearning principles to ensure we help our customers choose the right LMS but just as importantly, deploy it in the most effective way possible. And we’re also mindful of the need to ensure that whatever LMS you choose not only meets  the needs of learners, but is easy to administer and provides the right insights to guide the evolution of your L&D programmes.

We are certified partners for two of the world’s most popular learning management systems, Moodle/Moodle Workplace and Totara.
Our team of experts can create custom solutions to extend their functionality.
Our consultants will guide you through the process of evaluating which platform best meets your needs.

Value we deliver

  • Additional benefits We are happy to show customers the additional benefits of Moodle Workplace, the extended version of Moodle intended for more complex corporate environments where features such as multi-tenancy allows for different divisions to operate their own branded LMS from a single overall platform.
  • Training and support We take into account the needs of learners, trainers and administrators, alongside the IT infrastructure available. But regardless of the choice, we also pride ourselves on providing advice to make the selection as effective as possible - we’re on hand to advise on deployment, training and support.
  • Interactive content We partner with our customers to focus on the content being delivered using the LMS. We believe in the importance of short form content, interactive content and new media - there’s little point in deploying a capable LMS and then not combining it with the most effective content.
  • Cost-effectivenessBy choosing open source solutions, you’re getting a powerful, feature-packed platform that is more affordable than legacy software. Our experience and close relationship with Moodle/Totara means we can ensure the maintainability of your platform.
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