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Now you have an LMS: What Next?

As Moodle and Totara Learn Partners we can tell you that acquiring an open-source LMS is a game-changer, but you can still go further. Time and time again we have received positive feedback from our clients stating that an LMS has changed their learning and development trajectory and we’re here to tell you the good news – an LMS is just the beginning! 

Totara Talent Experience Platform: Build a better workplace, increase resilience and prosper in today’s fast-changing world. If you are already a Totara Learn customer, The full Talent Experience Platform is for you. The three parts (Totara Learn, Perform and Engage)  combine to unlock the full potential of your people, ensuring they learn, engage and perform to deliver where it counts. Learn your way, whenever and wherever you want with Totara Learn. Engage your employees with collaborative learning with Totara Engage. Perform at your best and motivate your people with tools from Totara Perform. To see for yourself book a demo and let us show you.   

Aura Talent: Aura Talent is a game-changing talent and performance management platform that helps companies build an agile and future-proofed workforce. Aura Talent amplifies your chosen LMS and offers a bespoke talent experience that adds value to your relationship with your employees. Aura is designed and built to help managers, ensure that their employees are highly motivated and engaged to deliver the results that they need while keeping in line with your organisation’s overall vision. Reach out and we’ll show you what Aura is made of.

Knowledge Hub:  While Moodle provides a flexible environment for users to access their courses whenever and wherever it also presents an opportunity to get creative. When Moodle was launched for EASL in 2019, it was another platform within the EASL ecosystem that delivered unrivalled learning and research opportunities. After an in-depth discussion and collaboration between Enovation and EASL, the concept of a Knowledge Hub was carefully crafted to provide a one-stop shop for EASL members that housed all their learning resources in one central location. This required integrations with additional learning systems to truly benefit its members and bring all the learning resources and programs they were using into one location. To find out more about developing a Knowledge Hub for your business, contact one of our specialists today.

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