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Moodle on Mobile Update

Although Moodle can work perfectly well on mobile browsers, there are times when an app provides a better experience on mobile devices. In order to give your learners mobile-native experiences like offline access and push notifications, you might want to consider adding support for the Moodle App to your setup. Or you can even create a branded version of the Moodle app via Enovation to deliver the best mobile learning experience, complete with your own organisation’s branding.

Depending on course configuration, learners can interact with Moodle even when offline:

  • Access Course Material (files up to 20mb)
  • Take Quizzes
  • Calendar and Event Notifications

We see Moodle sites where more than ⅔ of students/learner access regularly from mobile devices and mobile-friendly features such as notifications is the number one student feature request. 

With support for all recent Android and iOS devices, the Moodle Mobile app adds great features to the mobile browser experience. Moodle customers who host with Enovation can save €500 per year with free access to the Moodle Mobile App Premium plan. Talk to your Enovation account manager today to optimise your learners’ experiences and make the most of Moodle on Mobile. 

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