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We are the Moodle Educator Partner of the Year!

We are delighted to announce that we are the winners of the Educator of the Year at the Moodle LMS Certified Service Provider of the Year Awards!

This award is in recognition of our team’s active commitment to supporting the Moodle community and delivering the MEC program to 20+ educators. This award also reflects the amazing work we’ve been doing to make digital learning inclusive and accessible for all in remote and rural areas around the world.

About the projects:

Working with Governments and international development agencies, The project aims to make digital learning inclusive and accessible for all, with ambitious targets for making the platform available to millions of users. The current platform is tested to deliver learning to up to 12,000 concurrent users using the Moodle Workplace platform from a target initial population of some 360,000 users.

We have worked with the organisation to:

extend the Multi-Tenancy feature to a true standalone subsite operation that can be white labelled. The developments here include – separate user registration per tenancy, separate front and dashboards per tenancy (pre-MW 3.11), cross tenancy course sharing that displays the look and feel of the user’s tenancy.

Moodle Educator Certification Program:
Enovation is always committed to supporting the Moodle community and empowering educators. This year alone, we have actively been promoting the MEC and have facilitated the program for 20 learners, of which 11 have successfully completed the program and received their certification. We have received great feedback from all candidates who have improved their teaching skills using Moodle.

We are thrilled to close the year with this good news and extend our thanks to everyone at Moodle HQ. Next year promises to be another exciting year. As always if you have any questions for us please reach out to us via [email protected]

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