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Moodle 4.3 is Coming to Enovation!

Moodle 4.3 is scheduled for the 9th of October. This new release contains improvements and new features which the LMS teams and Moodle community developers have been working on over the last 6 months.

Improvements and new features:

  1. Game-changing new ‘In Course’ Communication options – Empowering better collaboration, the launch of the new integration with the Matrix Messaging system will provide access to a modern messaging interface directly in the heart of Moodle. Additional functionality will also make working with other messaging systems (e.g. Slack or Teams) more seamless. These new in-course communication options will help educators and learners stay better connected, engage more regularly and work more closely together!
  2. Sleeker than ever activity card designs – Empowering our educators and learners to achieve better outcomes, the refreshed activity cards will be more streamlined and provide educators easier access to manage groups, access restrictions and activity completion conditions. These improvements will help reduce the time and effort it takes to manage activities in courses and help reduce the scroll length of courses, making them easier to navigate for students.
  3. Time-saving default site-level settings for activity completion – Empowering administrators and educators to get their jobs done faster, this new functionality will enable the management of completion criteria for a whole site, reducing the time and effort required to manage these settings.
  4. More ways to tap into the power of external tools – Empowering educators to be more creative with LTI tools, the new functionality will include the ability to add and manage pre-configured tools at a course level, providing educators the choice to show these tools in the activity chooser and making the creation of external tool activities easier with a simplified form.
  5. And much much more – including further Gradebook improvements, new functionality in Quiz and Question Bank, improved integration with MoodleNet, further enhancements to Report Builder and more capabilities in our Text Editor. Plus, it will be the most secure version of Moodle yet, with a ton of new security enhancements.

To discuss an upgrade with a member of our team, get in touch today!

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