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Key ways to build a high performance culture for the next decade and beyond

Gallup’s State of the Global Workforce Report found that productivity and engagement within the workplace are in decline globally. Organisations are not acting quickly enough to keep up with the demands of the current workforce. According to this report, organisations and institutions have often been slow to adapt to the rapid changes produced by the spread of information technology, globalisation, the rise of the gig economy, and the unique expectations of younger workers. The status quo in training and development, change management, recruiting, performance evaluations, management practices, and other functions of the HR realm have to be adjusted to truly meet the demands of the next decade and beyond in order to build a high-performance culture. 

With the data from this study,  40 + years experience in both HR and Talent Management, and the insights provided by the challenges our clients have faced, the team at The Rinker Group has committed to providing next level HR and Talent Management solutions that will assist in creating high-performance organisations and institutions. These solutions are designed to go beyond what is commonplace and will ensure that the essential keys to building a winning organisation for today’s times are embedded. 

So, what are the essentials to building a high-performance culture over the next decade and beyond?

Development that Grows

Our work and research with various clients show us that learning and development have significantly shifted. Employees are more interested in “just in time” learning, access to learning resources that will help them immediately. They want learning that will be of direct benefit to them. Often times, companies understand that there needs to be a shift in the way they deploy training and development to be more rapid and dynamic, but are often boxed in with training programs and platforms that are not agile or customisable enough to keep up with the times.

Imagine having a talent development partner and solution that can give you and your team the flexibility to meet the changing demands of your organisation’s learning needs. Too many companies either don’t have a learning platform or have one that is expensive, rigid and requires long term investments. We now have a solution that is cost-effective, customisable and requires no long-term commitments. The possibilities are nearly endless here for designing a learning solution that fits your organisation’s needs now and in the future. 

Attracting Top Talent like it’s 2019!

If you haven’t noticed, finding top talent the way you would have 20 years ago, 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago will not give you the results you need for attracting top talent today. Organisations who want the best talent can no longer wait for the best hires to come to them; you must go and find that talent. Top talent, no matter the generation, look for very specific experiences within the hiring process — from your employer brand to the candidate experience, from how recruiters source and even select talent. We have created and out of the box solutions that make sourcing and building talent pipelines for even the most technical and hard to fill roles possible. With our expansive networks, use of artificial intelligence, social recruiting practices, and other passive search and talent pipeline building methods, we can train your HR/Recruiting team on best practices and tools, or if you prefer, take on talent searches directly. 

Feedback that Sticks 

What is a high-performance culture if the feedback is not accurate, timely, consistent and on-going? All employees, but especially generations after generation X, desire performance feedback. Today’s workforce wants to know where they stand within an organization and how their contributions can be developed. When we provide feedback in a way that is measurable,  tied to the overall company goals, and an employee’s personal and professional goals, we create a culture that is set to succeed. Guess what? We have an app for that!

Developed Leaders 

Now more than ever, managers and leaders no matter their level, play an important role in the culture of the organisation. The requirements for leadership have changed greatly over the years. Organisations have to ensure that the skills, competencies, and behaviors required today and tomorrow for leadership success are planted in their leaders. We offer a variety of solutions to ensure that all leaders within all levels of the organisation are ready to lead, guide, and drive high performing cultures. 

A Culture of Purpose to Drive Engagement 

Engagement goes beyond sending out a survey (whether annually or pulse) to generate feedback, making a few changes here and there, and asking for additional input. Creating a culture of engagement means developing an organisation that connects employees to the greater purpose of the organisation. We’ve studied organisations and even areas like grassroots movements to develop principles, practices, and programs to drive high-engagement within the workplace. If you’re looking for a new way to shift culture and engagement, we have solutions for you. 

Let us help lead your organisation to meet the demands of the next decade with next level HR solutions. Building a high-performance culture is only a click away!

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