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Continuing our mission to empower the underserved

GIZ atingi project extended with Enovation

In a world where education is often taken for granted, millions of individuals still lack access to quality learning opportunities. The GIZ atingi project is dedicated to bringing education to underserved populations through innovative means – creating a digital learning experience focused on providing locally relevant learning opportunities that address critical employment and educational skill gaps in emerging markets.

Enovation originally partnered with GIZ to deliver the atingi platform in 2020. We’re delighted to have been chosen again through a competitive tender process as the technology provider for another 3 years. Our work with GIZ and atingi since 2020 has been recently acknowledged by the United Nations as a breakthrough project deserving recognition for championing access to education for all – read here. 

Enovation’s role will continue to be contributing our expertise in delivering managed IT and development services that support atingi. We understand the transformative potential of technology in education, and are dedicated to ensuring that the atingi digital platform achieves its ambitious and important targets. The atingi project aligns perfectly with Enovation’s unique technical know-how and vast experience in learning management systems. 

Our collaboration with GIZ and the atingi project to date has been marked by significant achievements:

  • The platform has grown from a standalone learning platform to an ecosystem of several applications that are needed to support atingi’s global scale.
  • Delivering scalable, robust performance supporting campaigns that bring tens of thousands of users to the platform in short time frames, along with the everyday use a registered user base of over half a million users requires.
  • Enhance learner experience through ease of access, extended mobile device support, and with more than 15 languages supported and growing.

The Impact of our Work

Our work for GIZ, the atingi project, is making a significant impact. Access to education is improving for underserved populations to gain knowledge and skills needed to better their lives. This project has ignited hope in communities where education was once a distant dream.

The atingi project is a testament to what can be achieved when innovative technology and dedicated partners come together to break down barriers to education. We are excited with the success of atingi and  privileged to be a part of this incredible journey with GIZ. 

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