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AI in Education – The Next Steps – Summer 2024

Among the seemingly relentless onslaught of AI announcements, for anyone involved in the education and training space, the announcement of ChatGPT Edu must rank among the most eye-catching. Unveiled on May 30th, it gives higher education a lot to think about over the summer! It’s a specially tailored version of OpenAI’s latest GPT-4o service designed to appeal to universities.

Since the most recent AI hype began in late 2022, Education has been widely touted as one of the areas that stands to be most impacted. At Enovation, we’ve been working with our clients to explore the wide-ranging applications of AI, along with the challenges of implementing it responsibly. We’ve advised numerous clients on how to approach AI, the possible uses for students and content creators, and the practicalities, governance and operational considerations. Alongside the Moodle AI features we’ve released, we’ll be working with our clients to evaluate whether something like ChatGPT Edu or a private large language model is better suited to their needs.

ChatGPT Edu offers the following features, neatly packaged up for colleges in a paid-for proposition:

  • Access to GPT-4o, OpenAI’s flagship model, that can reason across text, images, code, and mathematics, with a large context window
  • Advanced capabilities such as data analytics, web browsing, and document summarisation
  • The ability to build GPTs, custom versions of ChatGPT, and share them within university workspaces
  • Improved language capabilities across quality and speed, with over 50 languages supported
  • Robust security, data privacy, and administrative controls such as group permissions, SSO, SCIM 1, and GPT management

The launch of ChatGPT Edu is further evidence that educators are at the forefront of AI adoption – across students, faculty, researchers, and campus operations. Contact Enovation today for objective and pragmatic assistance in navigating the fast-changing world of AI in Education.

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