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Learning Portals

Custom Integrated e-Learning Solutions.

gaaWe have always prided ourselves on the depth of technical expertise within our team.  This makes us unique among e-Learning companies in that it gives us the capability to provide complete integrated solutions for our clients.  Leveraging this expertise we have delivered Learning portals for several clients to allow them to offer publicly available and restricted content to their membership.These portals combine several integrated and proven open-source products, typically comprising:


  • Drupal Content Management System (CMS)
  • Moodle Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Mahara ePortfolio , evidence based system.








Our portal clients usually have a common set of requirements of how they want to engage with their cohort of learners of their organisation members. These include:

  • Restricted and unrestricted content areas.
  • Ability to view, book and enrol on courses.
  • Access to full e-learning courses.
  • Centralised administration and recording of user information – profile, completions, CPD etc.
  • Seamless user experience between the components of the portal.

Whether integrated with an in-house authentication system or having the Drupal application acting as an identity provider, we can seamlessly have users authenticate across the suite of applications for the learning programmes.  We can achieve user-synchronisation (profile data) across all the applications.

Enovation can apply a consistent look and feel across all the applications to ensure the user has a seamless experience across the application (and devices) to the extent that the user is un-aware they are moving between different applications.

The solution can also facilitate the purchase of courses via a secure payment gateway.  If your organisation does not require taking payments for courses but needs a booking engine, we can provide for this requirement using workflows to complete registration.

All user access can be controlled via the payment gateway.  There is also potential for companies to use the portal as a client relationship management (CRM) for its activities.

The ability to view courseware and completion is a perfect example of the logic of the portal in operation.  The portal will provide a full range of services to users.

  • The participant can view and request access or purchase courses via the eCommerce shopping cart on the Drupal CMS.
  • They can navigate from their personal profile pages on Drupal to ‘their’ relevant courses on the LMS system.
  • Once they have completed their courses and achieved the necessary certifications, their achievement history will be (via Web-Services WS) automatically transferred to their profile/history section on their Portal Dashboard. In future to save them navigating to relevant courses, all course history is recorded in the one location.

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