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Totara is one of the most feature rich LMSs on the market.

July 17, 2015 In: Blog Written by: Master Editor

If you find that your business needs extend beyond what Moodle offers, Totara LMS might be the LMS for you.

Totara is an open source distribution of Moodle, i.e. an extension of Moodle. While Moodle suits the needs of the education sector, Totara was designed with the corporate world in mind; hence why it is sometimes referred to as the corporate version of Moodle. With Totara LMS, you receive all the same benefits from Moodle, with talent and performance management features built on top.

Here are some of the many extended features Totara provides.

Full Classroom management with enhanced user invite workflows

Management hierarchy, allowing managers to fully manage their teams and run management reports

Sync users with HR systems. Create a feed direct from your HR system and/or Active Directory for user, positional, organisational and single sign on

Competency hierarchy. Create infinite competency frameworks with multiple evidence items

Organisational and positional hierarchies. Target learning or reports via user hierarchy information

Individual development plans for targeted learning and evidence tracking specific to each user

Appraisals builder for customised appraisal workflows, including 360 feedback, goal setting and staged reviews with multiple level sign off

Structured programs and certifications for structured static or recurring learning pathways, ideal for competency training

Dynamic audiences for learner capture against any user criteria. Target courses or programs direct to an audience.

Open badges create a way for learning achievement to be transported to and from the LMS

Full report builder allows admin creation of any report source. Reports can be scheduled and exported in PDF or Excel

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