Aura Talent is the game-changing talent experience platform that helps companies build an agile and future-proofed workforce.

Product overview

Developing and retaining your workforce is a key business challenge. Our team of Talent experts has designed and built Aura Talent to help managers ensure their employees are:

Highly motivated and engaged.
Delivering results.
Evolving and developing new skills.

Aura has everything you need, in one place

Aura Talent helps employees reach their potential with personalised development plans and recommendations. Career navigation within an organisation has never been easier with Aura Talent. The succession planner is an intuitive tool that allows HR professionals to collect and analyse rich data about an employee’s potential. Aura Talent has endless possibilities but the main benefits our clients have seen include:

Employees development and growth.
Match employees to the right role.
Diversity, equity & inclusion.

Build an Engaged & Agile Workforce

Aura Talent helps employees reach their potential with personalised development plans and recommendations. Employees can self-assess their skills against their current role or an aspirational role in the organisation.

Drive career growth

Once your employees assess themselves, they are presented with available roles that match their current set of skills which they could develop further to prepare for their next move.

Match employees to the right role

Aura Talent succession planner is an intuitive tool that allows HR professionals to collect and analyse rich data about an employee’s potential in a key role based on their competencies and other criteria.

Key features

360° Feedback

Employees can self-assess and request feedback from their managers and peers.

Career pathing

Our Career Gateway matches employees to internal roles based on their skills.

Skills gap analysis

Helps employees pinpoint the skills they are missing to move into their next role.

Development plans

Employees target their training efforts to develop the skills they will need in the future.


Find out how your employees are doing with regular check-ins based on the Objectives, Competencies and Development model.

Internal mobility

The succession planner enables HR to tap talent through the organisation without bias.

Powerful reporting

Get insights at the individual or organisational level to make data-driven business decisions.


Cloud-based Aura Talent platform seamlessly integrates with Learning and HR systems.

Diversity, equity & inclusion

Make confident talent decisions based on the qualifications, skills and potential of each candidate.

Frequently asked questions

As official Moodle and Totara Learn Partners, we have made it easy to integrate these platforms with Aura, though Aura can also work independently of an LMS.

For the employee: Aura helps them see where they can and do add value. It also helps them understand where further opportunities exist in the organisation and help them map out how to realise their ambition. Aura also allows the employee to objectively and transparently review how they are performing and where improvements need to be made.

For the organisation: Aura provides clear timely insights on skills. The skills the organisation has, the skills the organisation needs and the skills the organisation will need in the future. It also helps to identify important people trends within the organisation, identify HiPos and even employees at risk of leaving the business and the potential impact on the business. Real-time information on skills and learning help the business make better HR decisions based on data and support the business in a strategic way.

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