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Not quite ready for OKRs?

Consider using the simpler MSC framework deployed using Enovation’s Aura Perform solution

The OKR (Objectives and Key Results) model has been widely used across the globe as a methodology for goal setting and measuring success/results. However, it doesn’t necessarily fit all sizes or stages of organisations – if you’re just looking for a simple performance management framework so that you can increase adoption and engagement of the process- Let’s be honest OKRs can be a little scary! Here’s where we’re going to get a little controversial, so bear with me….

Okay, so here goes – organisations hire external managers for their experience and promote internal employees to leaders when they show potential. But do we equip them to truly succeed as owners of performance management (PM)? Let me ask you – how often do you observe your managers holding regular or scheduled PM meetings – and answer honestly! I’m betting that your performance management framework (yes including the much-vaunted OKRs) is not being implemented consistently or not being well received by the actual change agents (managers) or employees. 

It’s easy to assume that our managers are proficient in easily communicating clear goals to their teams but the reality is that we are most likely wrong. The truth is, our workforce is constantly evolving, and so are our leaders’ capabilities; in most cases, our talent is at its very early stages of growth, or newer managers have at best a theoretical impression of what good PM best practices are. Expecting managers to implement an overly complex performance management methodology may impact the confidence of your managers to deliver the effective PM discussions you desire. 

In my experience, a leaner OKR-style goal-setting model that’s more flexible than traditional OKRs can be dramatically more effective than just adopting OKRs. What if I told you that within just one to two months, you could create a simple lingua franca for performance management conversations amongst all managers, enabling more frequent and meaningful goal-setting conversations that are delivered and evaluated transparently? 

Hassle-free Performance Management for Organisations of all sizes and managers of all experience levels

Enovation has been working with HR guru Robert Mosley on a lean, innovative performance management tool called Aura Perform that’s based on his MSC methodology. MSC stands for Must do’s, Should do’s and Could do’s. This simple framework is easy for managers to adopt and implement – it’s based on a powerful regular check-in model, where managers and employees discuss their ‘must dos’, ‘should dos’ and ‘could dos’ for the month or quarter. Aura Perform gives you a simple tool to let managers and staff focus on results, not frameworks.

Would you like to hear more about how your organisation can benefit from Performance Management using the Must do’s, Should do’s and Could do’s (MSCs) methodology? Please send us a mail to [email protected] quoting MSCs and one of our consultants can tell you more. 

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