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National Maternity Hospital

October 7, 2015 In: Case Studies Written by: Terry Fannon


The National Maternity Hospital (NMH) is a leading provider of maternity, gynaecological and reproductive care in Ireland. The NMH has a strong commitment to research and education and ensures that patients will receive up-to-date treatment in an experienced hospital that fosters excellence.
The National Maternity Hospital decided to adopt an eLearning approach to meet and exceed their regulatory compliance training requirement and to foster an innovative approach to professional training. The NMH went to the market in late 2014 to source a partner that they could work with to implement their eLearning strategy. The National Maternity Hospital had a clear vision; to implement a learning management system that was intuitive to use, had engaging content and is available 24×7 to deliver high quality online training to its 800 plus employees.


There were a number of strands to this project, which included; supply of learning management system (Moodle), bespoke content development of 11 compliance courses and finally to develop an eLearning strategy with the NMH stakeholders that would foster a culture of blended learning.

Learning Management System

Through an open dialogue with the key stakeholders from both the National Maternity Hospital and Enovation solutions, it was decided that a themed Moodle instance with various plugins would meet the needs to deliver the training. Moodle would automate the process of keeping track of staff progress, certifications, course completion, and compliance rates. Human resources can quickly identify people who might need to upgrade their skills in order to maintain their status or move to a new area within the hospital.

To fulfil the reporting requirements, Enovation implemented its custom reporting tool to allow managers and course administrators to easily run the custom reports that suited their exact need.

Development of compliance courses

Enovation’s instructional designers worked with each of the hospitals eleven subject matter experts (educators) in developing their courses and strived to achieve maximum and meaningful level of interactivity to hold the learners’ interest. Interactivity based on adult learning theories was the principal technique for maintaining the user’s interest in our e-Learning development.

National Maternity Hospital Urogynae Course

We didn’t want to just keep the staff busy; we wanted to keep them engaged in decisions and application. We created an intuitive user interface that was designed to promote active learning, i.e. easy access to references, help, additional explanations, etc. We provided the learner’s with sufficient navigation control and progress information to ensure smooth progress through the courseware.. A key component in the development of these courses was to allow the learners gauge their own learning and to know where they stood, so we provided ongoing knowledge checks and feedback throughout each course.

National Maternity Hospital Fire and Safety Course

As with the knowledge checks mentioned above, the end of course assessment was scored/graded and overall results can be viewed afterwards by the learner. Results are reported back to the learning management system (LMS) to allow management and course administrators to view and generate reports on demand. Once the learner achieved the required grade for a course, a branded certificate of completion was unlocked for the learner to keep or print.

The range of custom courses can be seen below:

  • Urogynae
  • Medication Management
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Risk Management
  • Occupational Health
  • Health & Safety including Fire Safety
  • Waste and Environmental Management
  • Decontamination
  • Managing Attendance
  • Quality Management


eLearning Strategy

In the health care industry, educational initiatives often impose a heavy workload on management and employees alike. Though eLearning plays a much bigger role in health care provider training than ever before, incorporating it into the educational process can take time, thought, and practice. Enovation recognises that just implementing e-Learning in an organisation is not enough. Initiatives must be communicated to learners, blended learning programs must be maintained in certain instances, and education must be customised for each audience. Enovation brings this knowledge to every project and works closely with the client to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and improve compliance rates and to take the burden of implementing eLearning away from the client.

The delivery of the e-learning strategy was also seen as an opportunity to establish and develop collaborative working relationships between the different stakeholders within the NMH and Enovation Solutions.


While it is too early to measure the complete effectiveness of eLearning at the NMH, our combined approach has been instrumental in moving some of the training initiatives out of the classroom and into the daily lives of staff. Educators/Subject matter experts from across the NMH have been key to the successful implementation of this solution. Some immediate successes which are evident include the ability to meet increasing educational needs of staff, capitalising on the limited availability of educators and promotion of learner responsibility for education. Our solution facilitates the tracking of educational initiatives and assists the NMH to meet government, professional and local mandatory educational requirements. Evaluating the overall success of this eLearning project will be on a continuous basis.

“To meet the increasing demands of training within the NMH and to ensure that we met and exceeded legislative requirements for compliance training, we went to the market in 2014 to source a partner that would work with us to implement an eLearning facility at the hospital. We wanted a solution to keep all of our staff abreast of changes in legislative requirements, best practice and up to date training. A critical aspect of this project was to convert our existing classroom training material to a format that was interactive and suitable for online delivery without any reduction in quality. This was necessary given the busy 24/7 service provided at the hospital and the difficulty experienced in attending classroom based training modules. The new e-learning portal now provides an alternative delivery option for staff.

We were delighted to partner with Enovation Solutions who worked with us in developing and implementing our elearning portal. As part of their work Enovation Solutions helped develop a large number of our compliance courses for online delivery. A fundamental requirement was the ease of use for our 800+ staff members because the system had to support varying levels of IT literacy. In addition to this, reports were designed to enable management to report on usage levels of the training modules on the NMH elearning portal and thus ensuring compliance. The team at Enovation has been professional, supportive and accommodating throughout the entire project and I would recommend their services to any hospital.”

Lauri Cryan
H.R. Director