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Hosted Totara

Hosted Totara

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It has all the great features of Moodle but adds capabilities in the areas of Totara Performance Management, Totara Team Management, Totara Competency Tracking, Totara Reporting and much more.





Totara supports the real-world management structure of organisations to enable better reporting.

Regular team performance check-ins help keep your teams working like a well-oiled machine.

  • Dashboard provides up-to-date information about team activity.
  • Tasks section advises the manager on tasks team members must complete.
  • Statistics reporting provides high-level team info and trends.
  • Managers can approve and deny learning event requests.
  • One-click access to team members’ learning plans, user profiles, course bookings and progress records.
  • See info on courses and competencies started and achieved.
  • Create, update, delete and approve learning plans.
  • Allocate new courses, competencies and objectives to learning plans.


Totara incorporates powerful tools for performance management.

  • Conduct appraisals
  • Discussion, feedback and analysis between managers and employees
  • Align performance with personal and company goals
  • 360 Feedback

Totara allows you to build competency based learning and performance frameworks.

  • Create multiple competency frameworks, with and without hierarchies.
  • Map competencies to positions, organizations, and courses.
  • Competencies automatically appear in learning plans to users assigned to those positions and organizations.
  • Link courses to competencies to automatically populate learning plans.



Totara incorporates a powerful, flexible end-user reporting tool.

  • Use the power of Report Builder to build custom reports from predefined report sources.
  • Report Builder enables personalization with customized search filters and column selections.
  • Assign pre-built or custom reports to any system role.
  • Filter reports by organization, position or user information.
  • Scheduled reports can be sent via email at specified times.
  • Export reports in a variety of common formats.



We provide expert professional services to our clients, including:

  • Totara Consultancy
  • Totara Customisation
  • Totara Hosting – Remote or managed onsite
  • Totara Integration
  • Totara Training


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