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eLearning outsourcing to meet internal demands

January 19, 2016 In: Blog Written by: Terry Fannon

As more and more organisations are building eLearning internally, training departments and eLearning development teams often find it difficult to meet the growing demands for good eLearning courses, both inside and outside of the organisation. In our experience, it is not uncommon to witness project teams finding themselves stretched and sometimes even without the resources needed to successfully meet required deadlines, objectives and budgets.

In order to meet the changing landscapes of today’s organisations, employees are required to develop new skills and competencies on a regular basis. This in turn requires immediate and impactful learning support.

2015 saw Enovation partner with a number of organisations to address the above challenge, companies approached Enovation to deliver high quality and innovative eLearning solutions. With an increased demand for quality eLearning solutions, last year Enovation experienced increased growth in its content development services. For a number of our clients we were seen as the extended team that allowed our clients to scale up on resources to meet with their demands. Our services included program management, project management, instructional design and content development, we worked hand-in-hand with the client’s internal teams for the development of CPD, compliance and HR related courses.

It has been our experience that key to the success of successfully outsourcing your eLearning requirements is having an open communications and having the right collaborative environment in which to foster great relationships with all project stakeholders.
Our clients benefited from a pool of qualified project managers (PMBOK practitioners), instructional designers, visual designers and authoring tool experts. Our senior eLearning consultants provided up-to-date and relevant advice for choosing the right tools and strategies for client’s eLearning projects.
As your eLearning partner we can share the burden with your in-house team during those extremely busy periods, ensure your project is on time and on budget and at a fraction of the cost for hiring extra team members. In addition to the cost benefit you can achieve, the accessibility to highly skilled people when you need them is the next best advantage.

We invite you to take a look and review a course we created for a client last year, please click on the below link to view. We would welcome your feedback!

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