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Document Management

Open Source Enterprise Document and Records Management

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Enterprise document and records management solutions(ECM) are often perceived to be expensive to implement with high annual licensing fees.

Alfresco  is a proven open source ECM system with over 7 million business users in 75 countries, managing 4 billion documents, records, processes – behind the firewall, in the cloud or on their mobile devices.

The Enterprise version is distributed on a subscription basis and includes a warranty and comprehensive support. Alfresco continue to enhance the offerings and in the past 12 months, with exciting technology developments, have combined Cloud and On-premise infrastructure for a Hybrid ECM offering for the market.

Enovation implements Alfresco solutions (managed services include hosting, customisation, integration, training and support) for clients as diverse as Three Ireland , Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland , Meath County Council and Trinity College Dublin among others.

For several clients it has been implemented as a secure external portal so that dispersed project teams from different organisations can collaborate on content and documents using web 2.0 social functionality combined with workflow and a powerful document library.

Sample use cases are:

  •   Enterprise document management
  •   Records management
  •   Project collaboration
  •   Cross / intra-university
  •   Construction projects
  •   Any project which includes internal and external stakeholders

Some Alfresco features

No upfront license fee – with no lock in!. Alfresco is implemented in half the time, at half the cost of proprietary ECM vendors.  This allows your business to reuse your IT resources elsewhere, deploy on an open stack and get to market faster..
Alfresco offers a single repository for all electronic documents, workflow portfolios and other unstructured content—reducing information silos and redundant data. Unified management of all electronic files reduces maintenance, leverages a single content standard, and removes end user complexity and versioning errors.
The Alfresco Platform simplifies recordkeeping and our automated document retention and destruction models enable regulatory compliance created by the Dodd-Frank Act and BASEL III. Alfresco provides fully automated routines that convert documents from proprietary formats into long-term archival formats, such as PDF/A and ODF. The Alfresco’s Records Management module is DoD 5015.02 Certified. 
Alfresco inter-operates with existing front-end applications, desktop software and enterprise infrastructure. Use protocols like CMIS, CIFS, WebDAV, RESTful APIs and Soap—our open approach makes innovation and adoption easy and minimizes expensive recoding. Administrators can define unique metadata to support business needs and dramatically improve contextual search. 
Alfresco can leverage existing organizational workflows, and provides award-winning BPM capabilities that can reduce your firm’s decision cycle times and increase productivity. The audit capability tracks who did what and when for each record and automatically prompts users when records are re-viewable, in process or approved. 

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