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Can Internal Recruitment Save Your Talent?

As we all, thankfully, emerge from lockdown, employees are looking for new challenges and new career paths. Internal mobility has the potential to unlock key talent within your organization, keeping them engaged and generating business value. But, what does it take to make this a reality?

HR teams have an important role to play in ensuring this doesn’t result in a loss of valuable talent. Giving people opportunities outside of their existing roles and job families will be crucial for this. Internal mobility and recruitment can take many forms. It’s not just about promotions. Department transfers or ‘gigs’ in other business areas can make a significant difference to employee engagement. This in turn can reduce turnover ensuring key skills and know-how does not walk out the door.

Internal recruitment and facilitating internal mobility is an essential part of an effective talent management strategy because it allows you to further your most adept employees from within your existing talent pool. Tools like Aura Talent, that promote a talent marketplace, can give people the opportunity to engage with roles that help your business to do more while giving them a sense of personal growth and development. Often, it can help you retain the employees who may have become disillusioned with their current roles and offer them room for growth – even if that role may be a lateral move.

Your workforce is a key enabler of your business strategy and now more than ever an ability to identify potential and transferable skills in the workforce will be crucial. Aura Talent is designed to help managers ensure their employees are highly motivated and engaged to deliver results, but also to evolve and develop new skills in line with the organisation’s strategic vision. Reach out and see for yourself what Aura Talent can do for your organisation.

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