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Empower your employees. Give them the tools and support to help them comply with regulations, at the same time freeing up managers to focus on value-add activity, and not tedious compliance related record keeping.

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FBD Insurance

FBD engaged with Enovation Solutions to build an LMS based on Moodle that would lessen the compliance burden on L&D staff while empowering employees and their managers to take ownership of compliance requirements.  The two companies worked closely together to build on the Moodle LMS to deliver a number of innovative approaches to L&D compliance management.

The new LMS allows FBD to define a structured training program for employees. These programs can be defined with a number of phases. In each phase L&D can specify tasks to be completed and signed off by an employee’s manager, an elearning program to be completed, and how regularly the New Entrant should meet with his or her manager to discuss the New Entrant’s progress. Progress and activities to do with the New Entrant program can be tracked in real time by the manager. This feature maps directly to the Central Bank of Ireland’s requirements for New Entrant programs as set out by the MCC.

FBD Insurance

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